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Learn from Ableton Certified Trainers, and produce at least two original songs by the end of the course.

Next class: August 1

Length: 4 weeks

Format: online

Ableton Live: Summer Immersive [Online]

Unleash Your Creativity

Discover the world of music production

Ableton Live: Summer Immersive [Online]

Music Production Fundamentals 

Learn how to navigate the interface and find sounds, samples, and instruments quickly using the browser.

Ableton Live: Summer Immersive [Online]

Drum Programming & Beat Making

Learn to program drums using Ableton’s powerful Drum Rack and customize drum kits using your own samples.

Ableton Live: Summer Immersive [Online]

Music Theory Fundamentals

Learn about the fundamentals of music theory and how intervals, scales, and chords are interconnected to create melodies, chord progressions, and basslines to form the melodic material.

Ableton Live: Summer Immersive [Online]

Audio & MIDI Effects, Sampling, Warping

Explore how audio and MIDI effects add another creative dimension to your color palette as a producer. 

Ableton Live: Summer Immersive [Online]

Arrangement & Automation

Discover how to turn a 4-bar loop into a 4-minute track by learning about song structure and arranging techniques.

Ableton Live: Summer Immersive [Online]

Mixing & Exporting Your Track

Add polish to your music by learning about the mixing process, covering essential concepts from gain staging, panning, and sends & returns to compression and EQ.

Next program starts: August 1, 2022

Limited space available

Standard course price 

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Ableton Live: Summer Immersive [Online]

A step-by-step curriculum
at an Ableton Certified Training Center

Save hours of time by learning exactly what you need to know, instead of watching countless hours of YouTube videos. Our structured curriculum and expert instructors will ensure you get where you want much faster.


– Overview and Understanding the Interface
– Drum Programming
– Session and Arrangement View
– Audio and MIDI Editing
– Intro to Music Theory
– Melodies, Chords, and Basslines
– Audio and MIDI Effects
– Automation
– Track Arrangement
– Audio Recording
– Intro to Sampling
– Warping
– Mixing Techniques
– Demo Master and Exporting Your Track


Certified Instructors

More Ableton Certified Trainers than any school worldwide.

Personalized Mentoring

Real-time instruction, student questions, and feedback.

Small Classes

Intimate class sizes (5 students) ensuring maximum interaction.

Discord Community

Ask questions outside of the classroom and meet peers to collaborate.


Ableton Live: Summer Immersive [Online]
Ableton Live: Summer Immersive [Online]
Ableton Live: Summer Immersive [Online]
Ableton Live: Summer Immersive [Online]

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